Alone I can't change the world but together sharing our knowledge we can bring alternative and holistic medicine into the lives of many. We can restore hope to those lost in the current health system.

Bringing People Together

We are passionate about creating a place where every person can access life-saving treatments to assist their body get through a healing crisis. Healing Humanity Foundation aims to bring professional people together to offer knowledge, experience, and choices for people to heal.

Not Just Another Pill

We are tired of being told "here is another pill". Each of us want to be treated like the individual human we are, not just the one size fits all approach that is being taken in the health system. Our goal is to link you with the personal experts YOU need to help you heal and get your life back.

Holistic Health Plans

We want to give people state-of-the-art integrative and functional medicine options including traditional methods and modern technology like thermography and low radiation 3D digital imaging.

Healing Humanity Foundation

In the right environment, our body can heal itself.

Phase 1

Create an online directory of trusted professionals that people can contact to get personalised advice on repairing and healing their body holistically.

Phase 2

Fundraise and sell digital products to raise the capital needed to open the first Brisbane based holistic "Healing Humanity Foundation" hospital.

Phase 3

Open the first "Healing Humanity Foundation" hospital in Brisbane that allows people to come and meet with holistic professionals.

Phase 4

Open multiple "Healing Humanity Foundation" hospitals globally so the message can spread around the planet and change even more lives.

We Need Your Support...

We have a HUGE vision to create a holistic 'hospital' style space where each person has a choice on how you heal your body!

We are currently seeking business partners who want to build a better healthcare system. If you are an investor, developer, doctor, nurse, naturopath, or someone who just wants to help humanity let's start the conversation.

Join The "Healing Humanity" Movement

If creating a new healthcare system resonates with you and sounds like something you would like to be involved with or know someone who would like to be involved we would love to keep you updated.

Healing Humanity Foundation CEO

Anna Tim

I am on a personal journey to create a new integrative healthcare system all over the world. We are in progressive and exciting times where people every day are experiencing wellness on new levels.

At 47 I am glowing, with an inner luminosity that shines from the inside out, I'm a testament to my family, friends, and business. I am a mother, wellness specialist and educator, pursuing an important health mission greater than myself.

With over 26 years within the wellness space and in my experience, the body can heal itself given the right environment, support, and nutrition."

Are You Ready To Create A Powerful Movement That Helps Get An Important Health Message (greater than each one of us alone) Into The World...

The system only can be reformed and help those falling through the cracks when we all as professionals and believers come together to create a movement so strong that it can't be ignored and the message spread far and wide. It is people power that can make a huge difference in the lives of those lost in the current health care system.

Copyright 2021 Healing Humanity Foundation All Rights Reserved


Copyright 2021 Healing Humanity Foundation All Rights Reserved


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